You don't need a budget, you need peace of mind

You've got a great job, you're saving money, and you have some investments you're optimistic about. So why is it that you still feel anxious about your finances? And why is it that you seem to be paying more in taxes and accountant fees each year?

Managing your finances, investing, and paying the right taxes is a complex web of systems and decisions that can feel overwhelming. Canua helps you achieve peace of mind, build wealth, and take action so you can live the life you want.

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Take control of your finances with powerful automations

Budgeting and personal finance management tools can help you see where you're spending your money but they fall short of helping you understand how and when to act.

Canua is your automated personal finance assistant.

Know what action to take, at just the right moment, and automate everything with powerful triggers.

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A single financial dashboard
Canua automates data gathering and organization so you always have an up to date view of your finances.
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An automated assistant
Canua enables you to automate recurring actions to grow wealth and stay compliant with your taxes.
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Your data is secure
Canua uses bank level encryption to keep your data safe both in transit and while at rest in our databases.

We eat financial complexity for breakfast

Other tools are built for only boring use cases. Canua thrives on the most complex financial situations. Are you an expat, have multiple income sources, own startup equity, or dabble in crypto? You're going to love what Canua can do.

Network of financial professionals
Help when you need it
Our network of licensed financial pros can help with the most complicated situations.
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All investments welcome
Canua can handle all your alt-investments. Track startup equity, crypto, real-estate, and more.
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Education + Action
Learn how to get the most from your cash and investments. Gain confidence by taking action.