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Organize your
global financial life

Multiple tax filings, bank secrecy compliance, punitive taxes on your investments. These aren’t the experiences you imagined when you moved abroad.

Canua helps you organize and automate your global financial life with personalized advice from the world’s top expat financial professionals.

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Finally, answers you
can trust

Get clarity on your unique situation and learn how to structure your finances like the 1% with expert help from a top financial advisor specializing in US Expat finances.
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Visibility into all your assets,
wherever & whatever they are

Seeing is believing. Canua is the only tool that connects to banks, brokerages, and crypto globally. 17,000+ banks and brokerages; 220+ crypto wallets and exchanges. You can even add your real estate and other assets as well.
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All your accounts and assets in Canua
Video call with a financial professional

A network of financial
pros, on demand

Whether you’re looking for an accountant at tax time, or an advisor to talk through a major decision, Canua has you covered. We find and vet the top professionals across the world for you.
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Automations, so you
can get on with life.

Once you know what to do, we make it easy to automate action with easy-to-build custom workflows. Put all the tedious parts of your finances on autopilot.
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All your accounts and assets in Canua

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Expat finances are hard. Avoiding double taxation & finding efficient and effective ways to invest is confusing. Canua can help you get the answers you need, tailored for your unique situation.

You're busy. Stop trying to "manage" your finances and find your financial calm with Canua.
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Bank grade security

Safe & Secure

We take the security & privacy of your data seriously. Multiple layers of encryption, read-only access, and we never sell your data. Learn more

Find tax filing nirvana

Stress Free Finances

Global taxation & finances are complex. Protect yourself from painful audits and ruinous fines. Automated tax filing services can't come close.

Vetted professionals ready to help

Licensed Professionals

We’ll only pair you with top-rated financial professionals who are licensed to work in your country of residence & country of citizenship.