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December 31, 2022

December 2022

December 2022

Dashboards, finally!

We are excited to announce we finally have dashboards in Canua. To begin, we have focused on giving you high level visualizations of your financial situation.

Net Worth

To start, the dashboard shows your Net Worth (assets minus liabilities), which is a good baseline place to start to understand how financially sound you are.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this feature and continuing to develop it based on your needs.



The second set of visualizations that we’ve released is an overview of your investments. The investments dashboard breaks down all your investments across public and private equities, retirement accounts, cryptocurrencies, and other assets to help you answer questions like:

  1. Is my portfolio balanced or overweighted in a given asset class or individual asset?
  2. What has my performance been over a given period?

In the coming months, we'll be adding customizable charts so you can explore your data more deeply, but we are already very proud of this first iteration and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Better understand your spending patterns

Understanding what you spend your money on is a prerequisite of reaching financial independence. At Canua, while we're not big fans of budgeting, the idea of having this understanding means that you need to categorize your transactions in one way or another.

Until now, you could only set or change categories for transactions that were manually imported via CSV. But with this new release, we enabled this same ability for ALL transactions in the platform, regardless of where they came from. In the near future, we will also allow you to create and manage your own custom categories and automate application of transaction categories based on your own custom rules.


Weekly summary email

Last but not least, we recently introduced a simple but powerful feature: a weekly summary of your finances delivered right to your inbox! This convenient email provides you with a concise breakdown of your financial activity, allowing you to stay well-informed about your spending habits and overall financial situation.


New data connections

European  & UK data sources

  • Hellenic Bank 🇨🇾
  • Tatra Banka 🇸🇰
  • Millenium 🇵🇱

Crypto data sources

  • Coinmetro

Remember: If you don’t see your institution supported in Canua please let us know! We’re always adding new data connections.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved re-consent & reconnection workflows
  • Fixed issue with credit card balances
  • Improved connect flow for some institutions
  • Visual styling improvements to investment charts
  • Improved fuzzy search of institutions