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Updates & improvements to Canua

November 30, 2022

November 2022

November 2022

Your entire financial life in one place

Canua started out with just a few options to sync your accounts. Since then, we’ve added many other ways to connect and add data. And throughout, we have learned a lot from you about what works and what doesn’t.

Getting your data into Canua is the most important step for new users. We can’t do anything for our customers until they have connected and synced their data. So, naturally, we want to make it much easier to find the right category of thing that you’re trying to add to Canua and much more intuitive to add that thing to the product.

We have completely redesigned our data connection flow; making it more comprehensible and flexible so that you can easily add all the accounts, assets, and liabilities you have.

Yes, we built a command-K search bar. 😅 This pattern is flexible and allows you to simply search for what you want to add in your own words and we’ll get you there as quickly as we can. The search bar supports fuzzy search (so that misspellings are handled gracefully) and allows us to map multiple values to a given result. E.g. searching for “SAFE” or “Convertible note” or “Angel investment” returns the right sub-category to be added.

⌘-K is our first keyboard shortcut. In the future we’ll be adding many more.


You can now edit your assets

Manual editing of offline assets has never been easier. You can now update the amount, current value or other properties on any asset type with just one click!


New data types

Your finances are as unique as you are; complex and full of nuance. Along with the new connection flow we’ve added many new asset and liability types so that you can track your entire financial life in Canua.

Whether it’s manually tracking crypto, adding the options that you got at the startup you work for, or adding real estate, Canua has you covered. This is just the beginning. Right now we track many of the details required to understand potential tax liabilities, vesting schedules, etc. In the future we’ll put that data to good use.


Complex finances? Multiple workspaces

These days, more and more of us have finances that stretch beyond just our own personal situation. Activities like your side hustles, consulting work, trusts, and investment vehicles or clubs each need to keep their finances separate from your personal situation. You can now create as many workspaces as you’d like in Canua to track the money for each of these use cases and more.


New data connections

European  & UK data sources

  • Nothing this month

Crypto data sources

  • Nothing this month

Remember: If you don’t see your institution supported in Canua please let us know! We’re always adding new data connections.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved consistency with font styles
  • Improved default icons for CSV imports and banks
  • Cleaner multi-currency balances formatting
  • Visual styling improvements to workspace modals
  • Updates on document naming and previews
  • New custom error pages